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This step is required for all new users regardless of which scope or service you plan to use. We require a registration form be filled out on every person utilizing resources (both equipment and staff) in all CISR facilities. Information from the registration form allows us to set up a user account for you and grant security access to the equipment. You can download a PDF version to fill out by hand or download the RTF version and email it as an attachment. Once you have the completed registration form (including your PI's authorization signature), return it to any of the CISR staff in 742 Light Hall, T3208 MCN, T-2216 MCN or 4155 MRBIII.

Determine which Microscope is Best for Your Application

Visit the equipment pages of our web site and read the instrument descriptions to determine which microscope you should use. If you are still not sure which scope best meets your needs, feel free to visit the Staff page. You can contact any of us by phone, email, or even in person - we'd love to give you a brief tour of the facilities and discuss your research opportunities. We will help you figure it out!

Schedule Training

For wide-field fluorescent, Zeiss 710, 780 or 880 confocal microscope training located in Light Hall contact: Bob Matthews (3-3750) or Jenny Schafer (2-6687, 3-3750)

For LSM510, FV-1000 confocal microscope, OMX SIM Super-Resolution or Multi-Excitation TIRF training please contact Sean Schaffer (6-3706) or Jenny Schafer (2-6687, 3-3750).

For all scopes located in the Nikon Center of Excellence T-2216 MCN please contact Bryan Millis (5-8339).

For electron microscope training and other services located in rooms T3208 and 2102 Stevenson Center contact: Janice Williams (2-5965), Mary Dawes (3-6691) or Maria Vinogradova (3-6691).

For confocal microscopes: at least two, 2-hour training sessions are required before you can use the microscopes independently; electron and widefield microscopes: at least one, 2-hour training session is scheduled, but times may vary.

Of special note on the TEM and SEM microscopes: new users are restricted to use during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 9:00 am until 6:00 pm). Use on weekends or after hours is limited to those who have extensive experience in their operation and have undergone additional training in how to shut down the microscope in case of a problem. Since no staff member is around after hours to help in an emergency, this policy is designed to avoid costly damage to the microscopes.

Submitting Samples for EM Sectioning

Submitted specimens must be accompanied by a Research Electron Microscopy Resource work requisition. All samples must now go through the EM online laboratory information management system located here. Specimens should be fixed prior to submission and kept refrigerated until submitted. EM fixative and wash buffer can be obtained from the refrigerator in the Processing Lab (T-3208 MCN).

CISR SERVICE PRICES [as of August 1st, 2017]
Confocal, scope time$45.00 / hour
Widefield, scope time$35.00 / hour
Super Res, scope time$20.00 / hour
Multiphoton Electrophys, scope time$20.00 / hour
TEM, scope time$100.00 / hour
ESEM, scope time$50.00 / hour
Nikon Center of Excellence
Nikon Spinning Disk, scope time$15.00 / hour
Nikon SIM Super Resolution, scope time$15.00 / hour
Nikon STORM Super Resolution, scope time$20.00 / hour
embed (Spurr's)$45.00 / capsule
thick section (routine)$50.00 / block
thick section (non-routine) > 1 hour process$60.00 / hour
thin section (routine)$100.00 / block
thin section (non-routine) > 2 hour process$60.00 / hour
negative stain, material only$6.00 / grid
Immunolabel, material only$20.00 / kit
ESEM prep, material only$30.00 / stub
TEM grid box$5.25 / each
Staff Review - thin section EM$60.00 / grid
Technical Help
Imaging for hire, training, protracted help$60.00 / hour

*Payment for service is processed through the VU CORES system using center numbers supplied by each user prior to receiving service. An account application is required for all new users. The CISR is supported, in part, by 5 NIH-funded Research Center Grants. Accordingly, members of the following Centers may be eligible to receive assistance to pay for service with a "scholarship" number: VICC, DRTC, DDRC, MMPC, and VVRC. Please contact your Center administration for details.

** Services provided to non-Vanderbilt University investigators requires a completed, current "Research Core Services Agreement." Services are limited to non-clinical research samples. Commercial customer prices will be adjusted to equal 1.6 times the service rates in the table above.

Of Final Note...

The resource staff are happy to answer questions about our services and will help you plan your experiments. If you have questions please feel free to contact any member of the resource staff.