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Quanta 250 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope
Charges: $50.00 per hour
Note: To use the microscope you must have an active Account with the Cell Imaging Shared Resource and reserve time using our on-line Scheduling calendar. Contact Mary to arrange training.

  • Room 149 in Jacobs Hall

Download / View Quickstart Guide.
Why Use This Microscope?
The Quanta 250 Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope (ESEM) produces enlarged surface images of a variety of specimens, achieving magnifications of over 100 000X providing high resolution imaging in a digital format. Imaging can be performed in traditional high vacuum mode, low vacuum nitrogen atmosphere mode and a hydrated “environmental” low vacuum mode suitable for some unfixed biological samples. This instrument excels at permitting an exceptional magnification range when working with a wide range of accelerating voltages, and can accommodate samples with minimal specimen preparation. Detectors for collection of back scattered and secondary electrons are available.
Imaging Modes:
  • High vacuum scanning of sputter coated samples
  • Low vacuum coated or uncoated samples
  • Low vacuum hydrated nitrogen atmosphere coated or uncoated samples
  • Motion picture collection
  • Multi-position
  • Peltier Cooling Stage
  • Beam Deceleration
Additional Equipment:
  • EMS 950x Carbon/Metal Evaporator
  • Cressington 108 sputter coater
  • EMS 850 Critical Point Dryer
  • Slam and plunge freezing equipment