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  • MRBIV 10465

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Why Use This Microscope?
This microscope is for super resolution imaging that can reach resolutions of 120 nm in XY and 300 nm in Z. The OMX is well suited for viewing samples on sealed, inverted slides or in 35 mm dishes with #1.5 coverglass (MatTek). All slides MUST be sealed, clean, and dry prior to place on the stage. The OMX has its own set of oils to precisely match the refractive index of your sample.
  • sCMOS camera at 512x512 for 3D-SIM
Imaging Modes:
  • Structured Illumination Microscopy
  • Conventional fluorescence microscopy
  • DIC
Fluorescence Filters: (excitation/emission)
  • 405 laser (Near UV)
  • 488 laser (GFP, FITC, Cy2, Alexa488)
  • 568 laser (Cherry, TRITC, Cy3, Alexa568)
  • 642 laser (Far Red, Cy5, Alexa647)
Objective Lenses:
  • 60x Plan-Apochromat N/1.42 NA oil
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