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The Vanderbilt University CISR facility provides four computer systems for image processing and can be used by faculty, staff, and students at no cost. An active CISR account is required. The offline image processing workstations include various combinations of MetaMorph, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Imaris, Zen, Olympus FV Viewer, and Zeiss LSM Image Browser. Additionally, two workstations running the full Nikon Elements software are available in the Nikon Center of Excellence in MCN T-2216. You may sign up for use with the online scheduling calendar.

MetaMorph 7.1 is available on workstations in 742 Light Hall, 10434 MRB IV, 4155 and 7149 MRB III. This software is useful for post acquisition processing such as image manipulation (colors, scale, creating/modifying stacks), object tracking, and a variety of measurement tools for analysis.

Adobe Photoshop is available for image editing such as merging and separating channels, adjusting brightness and contrast, converting from one scale to another, resizing, creating pseudocolors, creating overlays, cropping, and creating publication quality figures.

Photoshop files can also be converted to a variety of file types including TIF, JPEG, PNG, and PDF.

All workstations run Zeiss LSM Image Browser and ZEN LE, Olympus FV Viewer and Nikon NIS-Elements Viewer . They are all available free for download to a PC on our FAQ page.

Imaris software from Bitplane is available on one workstation in 742 LH. Imaris can open 2D/3D/4D images from any of our imaging systems. Imaris can be used for 3D/4D rendering, for colocalization, to identify ROIs (surfaces), for tracking of different types of objects including vesicles, filaments, nuclei, and for generating statistics on these objects. Imaris Modules included are FilamentTracer, ImarisColocalization, and ImarisVantage.

Additionally, CISR provides access to CISRstore. CISRstore is a very large, very fast disk storage system available to all registered Cell Imaging Shared Resource users, and is the core's preferred location for storing image files. Click Here to view instructions on accessing and using CISRstore.